The Birth of Miss Aurora

I wanted to write down Aurora’s birth story so I would remember it. It was such a crazy day of emotions – I’m afraid if I don’t jot it down now, I’ll forget a lot of it!

On November 29, 2011 – around 2:00 AM – I started feeling some contractions that were definitely different than others I’ve had. I had a feeling that she was coming. I woke up Alex and of course – we tried to get some sleep… but that was virtually impossible at this point. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for what was to come since I had decided to do it drug-free. I was nervous, but excited to meet her. I took it a contraction at a time, and I really felt in control… if only I knew what the REAL contractions later would feel like ;)

We called in to work and just hung out around the house for a while. I was determined not to go to the hospital for a while because I was afraid of being sent home – or having to stay there for way longer than necessary. We had a doctors appointment scheduled at 3:00, so we figured we’ll hang out until then, we’ll go ahead to the doctors appointment, and see what he says. The contractions were completely irregular and so I was starting to second guess myself… I was an amateur after all, I didn’t know what labor was really going to feel like.

We got to the doctor and he said I was at a 5 and that we need to go downstairs and have a baby. It was exciting yet overwhelming! We were waiting for our room to be set up and I started to get really nervous. I was always scared of childbirth, and even though I had come a long way in conquering that fear over the last few months, the fear still lingered. I also didn’t really know what the pain would feel like or if I could really do it. When you tell people you’re going natural – you hear 99% of people say, “Oh, I thought the same thing until I felt that first REAL contraction.” or, “Yeah, you’ll change your mind once you go into labor.” I had done pretty well of pushing those comments out of my head until that moment.

We got into the room and prayed. Our doctor came in and broke my water. The nurse that was with us at the time said she was going to start me on pitocin – something I was pretty against unless absolutely necessary. I said I’d prefer not to use any medications unless I need to – and so we agreed to see if my contractions progress on their own. Heavenly Father truly blessed me, because they did progress and I didn’t need to be induced. I’d heard when you are induced, your labor pains are WAY worse and it’s much harder to go drug-free.

From then on it kind-of gets blurry. We moved to a room with a tub – I thought I’d be using it. Right when we got in there, I got in it for a little while, but once the contractions came pretty regularly and hard, I didn’t want to move at all. Alex was such a great support. He held my hand through each contraction and calmly told me to relax and that I can do it. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Once I was at a 7, I started to really doubt myself. I was progressing, but at a pretty slow pace (or so it felt like). I think I told Alex about 50 times, “I don’t think I can do this.” Thankfully he reassured me and kept me going. I took it one contraction at a time. When I started to transition – I had about an hour of contractions right on top of each other… no break. I didn’t say anything during this time, I just tried to breathe and get through it. It was the hardest hour of my entire life. We had heard that if you put pressure on your knees during the contractions, it helps relieve some of the pain. Alex and the nurse would alternate doing that during transition. I honestly am not sure if it really helped – or if I just needed something else to focus on.

Then I felt the unmistakable need to push. I told my nurse that I felt like I needed to push, and she said that I was at a 9 1/2 and I needed to resist that urge for just a little bit. THAT was hard. Thankfully it only lasted a few contractions before I was given the go-ahead. I LOVED pushing. My spirits were high and I was even making light conversation between pushes. It felt so good to be at the end and to almost meet this little one. I couldn’t believe I had actually survived and was now in the process of pushing her out. I pushed for what felt like 15 minutes but was really an hour. Time FLEW by.

And then she was here.

She came out completely quiet and completely alert. Her eyes were wide open and she was just observing everything. We had requested that normal procedures be delayed one hour so we could just take it all in as a family. They put her right on my tummy, Alex cut the cord, and we both were in complete shock. Shock because we have a child, shock because we had survived the labor… it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. She is gorgeous and so sweet.

Right after I felt awesome. I walked to the bathroom, I felt on top of the world. It was an out of body experience and everything went absolutely perfect. We had a great doctor, and awesome nurses who supported our decision to not have drugs 100%. It really couldn’t have gone better.

Now we are home and she is almost a week old. She is beautiful and Alex and I are madly in love with her. Although we worry about everything that seems even a little bit off – and we cry at everything – we’re on cloud nine. She is wonderful.

There is something so heavenly about a newborn, they are so close to the veil and you can feel it when they look at you. Having a child helps you remember all of the little blessings that you take for granted. I am so blessed that she is healthy and perfect.



6 thoughts on “The Birth of Miss Aurora

  1. That is so moving. She truly has been sent from God by all those that have passed beyond the veil. She was deeply loved before she came to you and will be deeply loved by her amazing mom and dad and all those here on earth. So happy for you and Alex and know that she is truly blessed to have you as her beautiful mom and to have such an amazing dad in Alex. Love you all so much.

  2. Oh, she is so beautiful and what a wonderful birth! I’m surprised they wanted to put you on pitocin so quickly and I am so glad you were able to stand up for yourself and give your body a chance to do what it so obviously knew how to do :) Congrats congrats congrats!

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