Happy New Years!

We somehow survived a month with the little one. It has been a month full of ups and downs – but the most common emotion we feel is elation. We LOVE Miss Aurora!

For Christmas this year – we had the opportunity (thanks to the siblings/mother/grandparents) to fly to home sweet Oklahoma for Christmas. It was the first time in 4 years all of the siblings were together for Christmas. My cousins were there as well, which was wonderful. There aren’t many words to describe it.. other than heaven on earth. In 4 years, our family has expanded with 3 new spouses, and 6 new children. I LOVE my nieces and nephews and I was excited to spend time with everyone. Aurora was a rockstar on the flight there and back.

(Aurora in her new Christmas jammies – courtesy of my dear sister-in-law -Shelbee Russell)

We all gathered at my grandparents house in Stillwater. It is always a perfect gathering place. The older I get, the more I cherish the moments when everyone has the opportunity to come together. We all truly enjoy each others company. I have a pretty great life.

(An outdoor shot of my grandparents house)

(A current family shot minus my mother)

It has taken a full month – and though I am still far from being an expert, I am finally starting to ‘get the hang of’ this parenting thing. Aurora and I are starting to really understand each other, which makes things MUCH easier. Hearing your child cry and having no idea why they are is pretty awful. Of course we still have moments like that, but they are far and few between.

The pictures from when Miss A was in the hospital compared to now is amazing. She has already changed so much! I try not to think about it because it makes me a bit emotional. I didn’t think that I would be one of those parents who wishes time would stop, but I really do. I love this lady and I don’t want to miss a thing! She melts my heart.

2011 was a great year, and I can only imagine how amazing 2012 will be. For a resolution, I really want to focus on one thing: Joy in Motherhood. I want to immerse myself as a mother and really try to enjoy every single minute of it. It is such a blessing and I am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father for entrusting her in our care. Alex and I couldn’t be happier with our lives.


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