A New Stage

For the past 4 1/2 years, I’ve worked at Jordan Credit Union. It is where I met my husband, Alex. Working has become my identity to a point, and now I have the opportunity to stay home with our little girl and be a mom. I am so excited. It is a bit bittersweet, but at the same time – I am overjoyed! I have made some great friends and some great memories, and now we’re entering the second phase of our marriage. For the next foreseeable future, I will be tending to children and being a homemaker. It’s pretty exciting! Since we plan on having 4 children, it will be quite the adventure.

Aurora is so fun! She is starting to smile a lot (not on cue, of course) and her dimples melt my heart. She is also plumping up so she can actually fit in some of the millions of outfits we have hanging up for her. She has on occasion laughed (barely) and she is sleeping like a champ. We love her. Pictures of her don’t do justice to how adorable she really is. I think I understand now why parents think their children are the ‘cutest baby ever’.

It has been crazy busy this past month while both of us were working and Alex taking three classes, but now that I’m officially done with work, life may start to return to our version of normal. It is now time for me to begin cooking dinner every night and keeping the house together. I can’t WAIT. After we became a one car family, it was highly difficult with both of us working. Or rather, it was hectic. Lots of dropping off, planning way in advance, waiting for rides… it is nice to know that unless I need to go grocery shopping or have some other errand, he can just take the car. When we are at a point where we can afford two cars again, it will be a glorious day. But for now, we’re happy to sacrifice.


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