Things I’ve Learned About Parenting Thus Far

I am far from an expert – I have one 2 month old. But whatever, onto the good stuff.

  • Sleep isn’t a necessity for survival.
  • It is what I’m meant to do, I love everything about it – I am honestly am excited for the next one already! (Is that weird?!)
  • You get super, super excited about small developmental steps your baby is making. Like grabbing onto something for the first time, or smiling.
  • Taking naps with a baby on your chest may be the best feeling ever.
  • I now understand what real worry feels like.
  • I also understand that keeping a clean house is a full time job – and she’s not even mobile yet.
  • I thought that I was going to have my baby girl in a cute outfit with matching bow, socks, and booties every single day. It’s pretty exhausting putting that kind-of expectation on yourself, especially when she’s so small.
  • Though childbirth was hard, and I never thought I’d “forget” about the pain I felt, to an extent – I have.
  • (But it was still really, really hard.)
  • In a usually fast paced life, being a stay at home mom has taught me the importance of slowing down every once in a while, and truly appreciating the time I have with her.
  • Seeing your husband become a father may be the most attractive thing ever. She has him wrapped around her finger.
  • I take the time to take more pictures, because I don’t want to miss a moment.
  • I find myself not always looking forward to the weekend or wishing time away. In fact, I wish it would stop.
  • When it’s time to make dinner, I put on an apron and try to channel my mother when we were growing up. My cooking skills aren’t there yet, but hopefully they will come in time. :)
  • Whenever we are in a tense mood about something unrelated to home and are talking about it – she picks up on. So in other words, she keeps us aware of our tones and attitudes.
  • Mothers are really hard on each-other, and on ourselves. Just relax, realize you aren’t perfect (and neither are they) and that’s okay.
  • There isn’t anything much cuter than a pair of baby jeans.
  • Single mothers have my respect forever. As fulfilling as it is, it is also the hardest job I’ve ever done as well – and that’s with the help of Alex when he gets home.
  • Motherhood is amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it.

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