Blessing Day

Have I mentioned how amazing it is to be a mother? Seriously. Even though my little one is completely camera shy, and this is the closest thing we’ve got to a smile… makes her look like a little chubster! And of course, Daddy’s ears are making their appearance. Love!

Today was Aurora’s blessing day. It was kind-of a stressful morning, though I tried mentally to not have it be. We decided to have the blessing on a Saturday and only invite family – I had been to a blessing like that recently and I loved the intimacy of it. We fed her and put her into her gorgeous dress that my mother in law made for her. It took my breath away, I love it so much. It was angelic and perfect.

I think because we were trying to get all of our ducks in a row and have the baby ready and have us be ready by 11:00, it took me a bit to settle down. I’m a worrier. I worried that she would cry during the blessing or get fussy. She did get a little fussy – but nothing bad at all. I was proud of baby girl. Our Bishop was there, and mentioned the fact that my family couldn’t be in attendance since they are all out of state, but I’m glad that Alex has such a wonderful family who came and supported Aurora. My family was missed, though.

I’m not sure why, but the words of the blessing are affecting me more now as I sit and ponder them than when Alex was actually giving it. It is such a spiritual moment to see your darling, innocent child dressed in white and blessed by a worthy man. I loved listening to Alex give her a blessing, and was giddy that he mentioned she would be positive throughout her life. I have found that optimism is key to having a happy life. I want her to see the good in the world and be a genuinely happy person. I love our little family.

We’re finally settling in to parenthood. We were talking earlier about the first month compared to now, and it is night and day different. We are comfortable and loving every minute of it. We’re also getting used to the life of poor folk. Ha – making adjustments and dealing with leaky ceilings of our bathroom. (Our basement apartment is anything but glamorous, but I think everyone needs to live in a less than glamorous place at least once. It teaches you a thing or two, like you can really live without a lot and still be happy.) Alex has class in the mornings and evenings Monday through Thursday, but he is still home in time to help bathe baby girl and put her to bed. That is a blessing.

Right now, there isn’t much to complain about. We’re deliriously happy, and feel so blessed to have wonderful people in our lives.


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