Aurora decided she wanted to watch Mom do her makeup today. This was her expression most of the time. I think she liked the transformation, because let’s face it: it’s a transformation. I learned from my mother that you should always try to look your best when leaving the house. I will tell you that my mom has not left the house without at least some makeup and her hair done. She even recalls having strep throat one time, and feeling terrible – but making Jennifer curl her hair because someone was coming to visit. That’s dedication. I usually do okay, and I’m trying to be more consistent about always looking presentable. However, a couple weeks ago, I left without any makeup on (sorry Mom) and on the radio, the announcer said, as if on cue, “Does anyone remember the days when women used to put on makeup BEFORE they left the house?” ….. touche.

We have started having mini-dance parties before bath-time, and Aurora loves it! Except lately, I’ve been playing cheesy music like “Dancing in the Moonlight”. I even recorded some footage of it last night… so if you hear any questionable music in the background, you can blame the parents. I happen to have quite a knowledge of cheesy, soft rock hits from the 60s & 70s. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I have accepted it. Because Alex and I are “super good” dancers, she usually has a huge grin the whole time. Either she loves our dancing, or is making fun of us. I’m willing to bet it’s the latter. BUT when I went to get her up from her nap, this was the face I was greeted with:

So, nerdy or not, she loves us. And that’s pretty cool. (I say that she loves us, or maybe she’s resigned herself to the fact that she’s stuck with us.)
Either way, we win!