Birthday (I would like you to dance)

Well, my 24th birthday was eventful. Alex took me to see Hunger Games, which was pretty good. Afterwards, we decided to go out to eat – but I didn’t know where I wanted to go. This usually ends up in us driving aimlessly trying to find a place and then eating somewhere easy and quick because by then we’re starving. Just like expected, we ended up chatting until we ended up in downtown SLC… still not knowing where to eat. Parking was a joke due to the new mall, so we decided to go to the Gateway and eat at California Pizza Kitchen. Parking was crazy there, too – and after tons of driving and other people in front (and in back) of us getting parking spots, we finally found a spot at the literal bottom of the parking garage. The baby was getting fussy, and so we grabbed her and went into the restaurant. We didn’t really consider the fact that it was a Saturday night, so of course it was jam packed. It was loud and noisy and we fed the baby in the “waiting area” which was basically non-existent due to how many others were waiting. After about 25 minutes (and me considering at least 20 times to just leave and get something quick on the way home) we got a table. We ordered a salad to split, and the baby was in a groovin’ mood, so we basically scarfed our salad (with little to no conversation) and asked for the check. Didn’t even get the red velvet cake… which was the whole basis of being there, really. But I think we ate in 10 minutes and headed home, exhausted.

(During the 25 minute wait)

We came home, and Alex said he’d take over bath duty (we usually do it together) and that I should go buy a cake or something for dessert. I went to Harmons, and honestly their cake selection looked less than thrilling. So I got the ingredients for Orange Julius’ and some Oreos. We came home and just sat there in blissful silence. The baby had a couple grumpy attacks while we were trying to lull her to sleep (probably due to the craziness of the evening) but exhaustion won in the end and she was asleep by 9:00. Ma and Pa were out by 10:30. It was a good night for tired parents everywhere.

Yet another rock-star decision of Alex and Rachel. Soon we’ll be well versed in “Baby Basics: What NOT to do.” I’m thinking taking a hungry, tired, squirmy baby to a loud, full restaurant is in chapter one somewhere… Sigh.

Better luck next year?!