4 Month Birthaversary

The little one is 4 months today. How did I manage to keep a person alive this long?!

We went to the pediatrician today (who is absolutely incredible and who I will miss terribly when we leave). He said many times that she was beautiful. Makes a mother’s heart happy. I brought Alex with me for moral support because last time the vaccinations were extremely traumatizing, for mother AND daughter. This time, she had her game face on and was a champion. The first shot went in without a flinch, but when the second one went in, she got the drift and let out a cry. Thankfully it only lasted 30 seconds, and when we showed her Mr. Frog (her best friend) she was all smiles. So proud!

Big milestones thus far are she is an almost professional at deliberately grabbing things you put in front of her – like a set of toy keys that she thinks are the coolest ever. She can’t rollover yet, but she’s trying. She is very good at “scooting” around though, and somehow ending up completely off the play mat within minutes, and facing the opposite direction. She still loves that papa of hers, and she loves bath-time. Every night, we switch off rocking her to sleep in her room, and I think it’s my favorite part of the day. She loves to read books and she loves it when I sing to her. She’s a homebody, and would prefer to never leave the house ever. I’m curious to see how this driving to Oklahoma thing is going to work. She still is a rockstar sleeper, with a full 6-8 hours a night and at least two naps during the day. She loves sucking on her binky, her hands and feet. She doesn’t like it when her mother isn’t paying attention to her, or isn’t in her direct line of vision. She will make it known, too. Lots of squealing. She’s just the funnest, most adorable baby ever and I’m glad she’s in our family. I really wonder how we survived without seeing that little face every morning! It’s the best.