‘Til There Was You

I feel like this past week has been getting to know Aurora. Her true personality is coming out and it has been awesome! She’s such a happy girl, who talks all the time (and very loudly) and smiles like crazy. She’s just been a pleasure to be around! She’s got bedtime down like a boss, and she doesn’t freak out anymore when she goes in the car seat. In fact, she kicks her little legs like she’s excited. There is some pretty sweet stuff going on around here.

We went on a Mommy/Daughter park date yesterday (her first time) and it was just a bit too windy for her taste. She did NOT like it. Not even when I put her little bare toes in the grass. You’d think that would be a big event? We also went to Petco where she looked at the fishies in awe. It’s interesting to see things through a baby’s eyes. Like their reflection. She loves it. With a mug like that, who wouldn’t?

She still isn’t loving tummy time but is accepting of it. Or at least she lasts about 2 minutes before getting ornery. Honestly though, the baby doesn’t get upset about too much. Except when mom is giving her a bath and the shampoo bottle (that is full) slides off the side of the tub and hits her head. Yeah, I lost some points for that one.

I know her face doesn’t really show it in most photographs, but we’re having a lot of fun around these parts. Let’s just hope that she remains this way on the long car ride to the rolling hills….. yeah, I’m sort-of dreading it. Our apartment is in complete disarray as we start to figure out what we don’t need so we can pack it. (Is there anything worse than packing something you think you won’t need, but then you end up needing it?! The worst!)

Ah, the life.