Easter Seester!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of Aurora in her Easter dress… but I am going to put her back in it so I can get one. She looked absolutely adorable. Easter Sunday was great. Church was fantastic and it was a very happy, blessed day.

Life is going by at a quick speed these days, and we’re both realizing we’ll be leaving for Oklahoma in less than two months. It puts a lot on our plate and we need to get all of our belongings in order to make the move as seamless as possible. With Alex still in school and working full time it makes it difficult. I just want the move to be over with, honestly. I am praying that Aurora does well on the journey there. I’m such a worrier. When we were pregnant, we worried about money and how we were going to be parents and everything else you can imagine. All I wanted was to have her here and just start. That is how I’m feeling about this, too. For me, anticipating the change is worse than the change itself. :)

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL. I went for a run last night and it was even a little warm. I am loving it. Finally we can take Aurora out without stuffing blankets around her and warming up the car so she doesn’t get too cold. She can wear her cute little sundresses and enjoy the outdoors. The other night, we sat in the grass and she just sat there content, enjoying sensations that are completely new to her. I love watching her little brain work!

She still is drooling like a maniac, and she is getting more and more vocal every day. I think we’re going to be working with her on volume control when she’s older…. man that girl has lungs! It gradually gets louder and louder until you realize it’s at a deafening volume and you have to pick her up. Normally, I’m fine with it – but it’s usually when I’m making dinner, so it can be a bit frustrating. I’m finding her attachment time is early evening… she wants/needs/demands to be held. And not just held, but held standing up. Aye.