Brown Eyed Girl

Miss Aurora sporting the brown muumuu that her dear mother spotted in a thrift store. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a spot of drool somewhere on it.

We had a pretty great day. Alex has had the last few days off, so we have made the most of it with daily ventures to wherever we think up. Today we went to the mall to look for an outfit for the babe for family pictures that will be taken in a month. And yes, we found the cutest little outfit ever. We also made a decision to resurrect a diet that we did about two years ago. It is a diet that means business. We are modifying it a little (so we can have some happiness in our lives….) but we’re pretty excited. We got all the groceries tonight and we’re feeling pumped. I have 16 lbs to lose before getting to my pre-pregnancy weight, but honestly – I am aiming for closer to 35 lbs. Ahhh, the joys of post pregnancy life. I actually fit into a pair of jeans yesterday, but not without a bit of struggle. I wore them out and about because of principle alone. If I were being honest however, the second I got home – the sweat pants came out. My stomach thanked me for it, you can bet that.

Afterwards, Aurora was worn out. She even fell asleep with her foot as her companion. She was in this position for about 20 minutes straight. Babies are weird.

She is still basically refusing to roll over. I think she’s just indifferent to the whole idea. “Who needs to roll over when my parents will take care of it?” :) We have decided that she is the queen of the household, and Alex and I are just jesters. We dance crazily or do other ridiculous things to make her laugh or make her happy. She takes advantage, that girl.


I guess it’s just payback because we take so many dang pictures of her. It’s a problem.