Ever hear your baby get upset while in the car-seat, and you just talk to them – try to find their binky while you’re driving – and halfway ignore their whines until they’re quiet and you end up at your destination to find them like this?

Then you feel bad, because the only reason they were whining was because the cute bow they were wearing fell and they can’t see. So they give up and go to sleep.. because let’s be honest – what else can they do?! I’m sad to say this happens on a regular basis around here.

Things are starting to become a bit more real, and I’m trying to start packing as much as I can. Unfortunately, it leaves the house a hot mess and it can get a bit frustrating. Plus, the playoffs have begun and that means we will be doing much basketball watching.. which of course trumps packing. On Saturday night, we watched the OKC/Dallas game and I thought my poor heart couldn’t take the intensity. I remember how this was last year and I have such a love/hate relationship with it all. Aurora even watched a bit of it, and sent her baby magic to help OKC win. It was a good night!

Sunday is always one of my favorite days, because of church and an almost always nap afterwards. It’s usually a relaxing day and I look forward to it each week. We always go over to Alex’s parents house to eat dinner on Sundays as well and get together with his immediate (sometimes extended on occasion) family. They are a pretty close bunch and it’s usually a good time. I will be sad to leave them, for sure.

She’s a spoiled lady, that Aurora.