Some memories stored in my brain about my brother, Coulter. It’s his birthday!

I have a lot of memories of Coulter from our childhood. We didn’t start to get really close until I was in middle school, but we did spend a good chunk of time together before then. The name of this post is “Culker” because our niece, Anna, when she was young would say his name and it sounded like that. She called me something to the effect of “Jaychel” and so that is what he calls me. I would like to say it’s every once in a while, but it’s most of the time. When he was on his mission, he would write letters to Jaychie Teran and sign his name Culker.

On summer nights, he and I would play basketball in our driveway – and we’d both shoot 100 free throws to see how good our average was. His was always better than mine, but I felt super proud of myself when I did better than usual and he would be impressed.

On holidays, we’d spend them with my grandparents in Edmond. The boys always got the t.v. room – and it was always their domain. During Christmas, or Easter, they would wake up super super early and look for their Easter baskets or empty their stockings, then go back to bed. I always thought I got up pretty early, but they always beat me. *Side note: That was all we were allowed to get on our own. We had to wait to open presents or do the egg hunt until after the grown-ups were awake and after we’d eaten breakfast. It was torturous back in the day…

There was a time when he and his best friend Ryan got wayyy into working out. They would go to the gym all the time – or occasionally I would hear music blasting from the garage, and as I would go outside, he would be bench pressing or lifting weights. He went to a gym called Body Builders, and once in a great while I would go with him. It was extremely boring for me though, and I would just sit on random machines or walk around impatiently until he was done.

Coulter, Evan and I would go to the ghetto Wal-Mart in Mustang (before they had a super nice new one) and they had the old, old vending machines outside. We were somewhat addicted to Dr. Thunder, and a can was only a quarter. My brothers had figured out, however, that if you put a quarter in and press the Dr. Thunder button over and over and over, you could sometimes get three or four cans. I think one time we came home with over 20 cans of Dr. Thunder, and we only paid about $1.50. That is talent.

I remember going to Subway one time and Coulter wanted to order a foot-long and a 6 inch meatball sub. My Dad asked if he was sure he could finish it, and he said he could. He did. We also went through a phase where we went to McDonalds and we both ordered double cheeseburgers (double cheesies, as we refer to them) and a “powerade flavored water.” (At this particular McDonalds, the water tab was on the same one as the powerade, and so a lot of times there would be a slight taste of powerade mixing with the water. We convinced ourselves there was no better combination than a double cheeseburger and a power-water.)

When I think of Coulter growing up – I imagine fluffy yellow hair and really, really skinny legs. In the house we grew up in, we had pillars in the entry way – and a lot of times we would get in between two of them and do flips or hang upside down. That is one image I have of little Coulter, hanging upside down with his yellow hair everywhere.

I remember working with Coulter at Braums a couple times, and he would make compilation cds of random theme songs, heartbreaking love songs, or Jingle Cats/Dogs. Everyone working would beg for us to turn it off, but we never did. I think they liked it deep down, personally.

I got into a “fist fight” (sort-of. not really.) my sophomore year. It was a horrible excuse for a fight, but myself and the other party were suspended. I guess word got to my older brother that it wasn’t much of a fight, and he told me how I should have handled it. “You have to aim for the ear, they don’t recover from hits like that!” Once it was apparent I wasn’t out to critically injure anyone, our lessons stopped. I think he was secretly proud of his baby sister though. Maybe?

Regardless, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Coulter Lee! Love you big brudder!