Spooky Scary

It is downright frightening around these parts lately. Boxes are literally almost up to the ceiling in some areas of the apartment… and even though I am throwing caution to the wind and packing everything sans toiletries and underwear, it is still a disaster. I can’t seem to ever get on top of everything. But in exactly two weeks from today, we will begin our venture, so I better start to see some progress, yes? It has been hard to cook – you know, cause I packed almost every pot and pan – so basically we’ve been eating tomato soup and grilled cheese… and eating out more than I’d care to admit. And we still have two weeks. Oy.

We’ve been getting boxes everywhere we can – hence the alcohol boxes – and more and more end up on our doorstep every day. (That is where we have to store them because there is no open place in our small apartment to store un-filled boxes.)

Today it is raining and gloomy and wonderful. I took Aurora out to look at the rain – and then she got sleepy and is currently napping. I’m listening to Bob Dylan, about to make some hot chocolate, and I’m not going to do one bit of packing today. You should never let a rainy day go to waste. This weather makes me excited to be back in Stillwater and enjoy some thunderstorms.