Feathering the Nest and Swimming Adventures

Lately I have found that I love finding gems from my family to surround myself with. We’ve moved 6 times since we’ve been married, and the place we currently reside in will most likely be our “home” for the unforeseeable future. That in mind, I have really made a conscious effort to “feather my nest” in a way that I will be happy with for a long period of time. We have changed our minds and tastes (over and over) as far as decor is concerned, but I’ve realized as I have become older that different things are more important. Pictures, heirlooms, artwork of a religious significance… they are what I love.

That is an original painting from my great grandmother, Lila McElwain. Growing up, she scared me – solely because she was old and I was very, very young. She passed away a few years back, and my grandparents have always had her artwork up in their house. My mom said that there were un-displayed pieces of art in the closet, and that I needed to find one for myself. I saw this, and knew it was meant for me.

The reason for my blogs (I have a private one with more personal entries) are for my posterity. They are for Aurora, and her children, and their children. I want them to know me and know what my life was filled with. It’s a pretty radical thing when you can connect with an ancestor that you have never met.

On another note, we had swimming part two today, and it was a major success! Aurora wasn’t smiling a lot or anything, but she wasn’t crying. And that’s a winner in my book.

Livin’ for summer days.