I’ll Take It.

Usually, Aurora goes to bed without a hitch at 7:00 PM. Our pediatrician told us that we should start trying to put her to bed at 7:00 – and eventually she will sleep from 7 to 7. At first I almost felt guilty putting her to bed that early, but I realized that it is extremely nice. She has adjusted seamlessly and gets tired around 6:30. The past two nights, however, she has cried when I put her down, so I pick her up – walk around the room with her until she gets sleepy and then put her down. It takes a bit to get her to finally get to sleep, and while I’d usually be annoyed, I have really enjoyed it.

All she wants to be is held by her mother, and how could I possibly complain about that? For a while, we share a little bit of heaven in that dark bedroom. I will take all the little “annoyances” that motherhood brings, because I realize that one day – I won’t be able to do it anymore. And for that, I will happily accept staying up a little later to console that baby girl of mine.

Gotta love Webcams, eh?