Bah Bah Bahhh

Baby girl has started the habit of blinking when I take photographs. I have to take like, 40 pictures before I get a really good one with her eyes open. This is usually how 99% of them turn out. She looks a bit out of it in that first shot.

This week has been a lot of fun. A group of us went to do some karaoke on Saturday night and it. was. a. blast. I’m sure the DJ got a bit sick of us – because we sang the majority of songs – but we were there for 3 hours and we’ll definitely be doing it again. Buffalo Wild Wings better prepare themselves fo sho.

Alex is NOT a karaoke man – and he basically refused to sing until the last 20 minutes. We FINALLY got him to sing, and he ended up loving it. Imagine that! ;) The picture of us two is a pure action shot, hence the blur. There was a group of drunkards in the bar that were there the entire time we were, and by the end they were pretty gone. The last song was “Lean on Me”, and it was meant to be just the boys in our group – but it ended up being all of us plus our new found friends and their beers. I wish I would have gotten a shot, it was pretty classic stuff.

{The beginning of the last song}

Coulter and I sang a few duets – and since all duets are love songs, some of the lyrics were questionable… so if people knew we were brother and sister it might have been uncomfortable. {It was an Arrested Development-ish moment.} I think the bartenders were a bit confused because we weren’t drinking, yet we stayed for quite a while and were having a great time. Evan had a lot of audience participation with “Sweet Caroline” and James with “Livin’ on a Prayer”. Aurora would have been super proud to have us as parents if she’d seen us.

Seriously. :)