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What we’ve been up to lately…

Aurora can now pick up pieces of food and put it in her mouth. We were working with her on it – and she wasn’t really grasping it, and then one day I guess it clicked. She’s a delight to be around. She is really needy when she’s tired or sick, like – turn your back for a second and she cries – needy, but for the most part – she’s a doll. She’s entered the wiggly stage, so therefore, church is going to be interesting for the next little while.

As seen in the photo, her hair is still pretty blonde. I’m not convinced she will stay that way, as Alex was blonde for a lot of his childhood, but it fits her. We will see what the future holds.

This summer has been jam-packed with family, and today the last of them left. Though I miss Jill’s family and Evan, Shelbee and little Rylee, it’s a bit nice to get back to routine. Or rather, develop a routine. Aurora has loved all the attention and getting to know her aunts and uncle that she doesn’t see very often. Plus, I always enjoy good sibling conversation.

That being said, I am ready for fall.