Life Story: Entrepreneurial at Heart

When I was young, there was a common theme in my life: getting money. I was always daydreaming of ways to earn a quick buck so I could walk to the “candy store” (7-11) and buy candy and a soda. That was my only motivation for wanting money most of the time, which is sad. I always envied my friend, Katy, because she could save like a boss. I remember one time she wanted a go-cart, so she saved for one and bought it. I was in awe… but grateful because we had some good times on that go-cart… and almost died on it too… but that is for a different post.

When I was in Elementary School, one of my best friends was Heather Johnson. She went to my church, and since Mormons in Mustang, Oklahoma were far and few between, we clicked pretty quickly. We spent a lot of time at each-other’s houses, and we always wanted to find ways to earn money.  This always involved going door to door selling something, because that was the only way we figured we could get a few bucks. There are two instances I remember of going door to door selling ‘goods’.

The first was art. Let me preface this by saying I am no artist. I wouldn’t say I am terrible, but I can’t draw anything that even remotely resembles real-life. We thought we would draw a bunch of pictures and go to the houses in my neighborhood selling our one-of-a-kind artwork. We didn’t skimp on our drawings either. We sat upstairs in my bedroom and furiously drew and perfected our art. One drawing was of a corner of my room. It included the bed and dresser, with shadows and light hitting the angles perfectly. I was so proud of that drawing, and was sure that I could make at least a couple bucks for it. Other drawings probably included animals or flowers, nothing too special.

We proceeded to go knocking on doors, and I remember one sweet old man looked through our drawings and was so complimentary. He purchased quite a few, even. This was a confidence booster, since most of the others declined to buy.

The second entrepreneurial attempt at earning money involved sheer talent. We were going to sing The National Anthem for a quarter. We practiced before we left a few times, called it good and went on our way. We didn’t get one chance to show our vocal abilities, but one lady did end up paying us not to sing… so it wasn’t a day completely wasted.

I wish I could say I was still a natural entrepreneur, but I think I lost the drive as I got older. And as expected, sales is not something I’m interested in whatsoever. C’est la vie.

{I’ve decided to have a potpourri of life stories throughout my blog to record some of my history. My life hasn’t had many spectacular moments, but none-the-less, they are mine and that makes them important. Enjoy.}