Many Faces

I am gearing up for this ball of cuteness to turn one. One. It’s been one year. ONE YEAR! I’ve been trying to tell myself that over and over so on the actual day I don’t turn into a complete pile of mush. But I fear that is impossible at this point. It just doesn’t seem real. Alex and I were looking through pictures of her from when she was born to now… and we are in shock mode. Or maybe denial? I don’t know. Regardless, it’s been such a mega year and we have loved every minute of it (even the not-so-fun minutes).

We were going to have a big birthday party with lots of decorations and food and babies, but due to certain events that we can’t miss, we decided to have a much more intimate party instead. And I’m okay with that. Honestly, the fact that she isn’t going to remember much of it makes it easier. But we will get lots of video and pictures and try to really focus in on the moment. Basically that means we’ll annoy Aurora to death with flashes and cameras in her face. I can’t help it. She’s just got that face.