Catch Up

Life lately has been pretty amazing. We have entered the “put everything into my mouth” phase. It is especially tempting when she is wearing a dress. She won’t be wearing a dress for 30 seconds before the bottom of it is in her mouth and soaked. Sigh. The drool is a joke, too. Who knew so much drool could come out of such a little person? Aurora has had a pretty mild cold lately as well – but still bad enough to put her in a very sleepy mood over the past week. She has grown to hate the blue suction bulb that gets inserted into her nose 400 times a day. It is enough to make her get hysterical for about 10 minutes, or until she catches sight of her dad. It’s hard for me to get a smile out of that girl sometimes, but for Alex it’s effortless. As part of me is a bit jealous, really it melts my heart.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the past few days, and I have been itching to get out and take baby girl on a walk. The honest truth is.. I couldn’t figure out how to “un-store” the stroller… so finally I figured it out (I was wayyy over-thinking it) and we took a little family walk. Aurora seemed to really enjoy it. She was wide-eyed most of the experience and finally succumbed to sleep. It was so nice walking outside and chatting with Alex. Seems we don’t get a lot of time to do that anymore!

Our days have become pretty routine… and though at times it can get a bit mundane, I really am loving it. Now that the weather is warming up, I’m thrilled that going for walks can be added to my daily activity of… cleaning, feeding, and playing. I have to admit I was huffing by the time we got home. Sad? Yes. I’m starting to get frustrated at not fitting in any of my clothes though, so something has to give. :)

I have found that when she is upset and really wants to be held, she loves to listen to music and have me bounce her to the beat. She calms right down. I love that she loves music! Makes Mama happy! She has also started to spit up more, which makes Mama sad… we thought we had skipped out and gotten lucky, but apparently she was saving it… lovely. Aurora loves bath-time, and even though she doesn’t smile while she is in the bath, or make any happy emotion, she just lays back and relaxes. Methinks it’s her favorite part of the day?

Now, what ISN’T her favorite part of the day is dinner time when Mom is distracted and cooking. Usually I end up changing her position about 13 times. Floor, bumbo, floor, swing, bumbo, feed her, floor…

That has been our lives in a nutshell over the past little while. She is growing like a weed and it’s making me sad. She’s already 3.5 months old. Yikes! Where does the time go?



You won’t find Miss A sans binky. Especially when she’s falling asleep. She has it in her mouth so much she sucks the air when it’s not in her mouth. I have a feeling breaking her from binky-hood might cause issues later.

Last night, I had a killer migraine and it made me nauseous. I took some knock off Excedrin (according to my mother, and probably news reports that I didn’t read, it had been recalled. We found this out a day later,after Alex went to two gas stations and a Walgreens…) I went to bed at 8:45, and Alex said he’d take care of the baby routine. Bath, lotion, bed. After about an hour, I heard Aurora crying quite vigorously in the next room. I waited about 5 minutes, and when it didn’t abate, I came out to see what was the matter. She has been starting a habit recently, where out of absolute no-where, she’ll start to cry – and loudly. Then almost as quickly as it came, it stops, and all is well with the world. It’s rare, but when it happens it’s random and thankfully has only happened in public once. (Sorry, Applebees. Ever had a hysterical baby in a bathroom? Boy, what an echo!). Last night was one of those nights. Alex tends to lose patience when she’s crying and there is no known reason. I picked her up and rocked her, and thankfully she calmed down after a few minutes. It made me feel pretty good, because I can’t make her laugh or smile like Alex can. It turns out I’m not completely chopped liver.

Yep, motherhood can have it’s benefits.
Like having a sleeping baby lie on your chest. THAT is what it’s all about.