Fathers and Daughters

I was a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl”, so seeing these two make my heart melt. They are little buddies. Every morning when Alex leaves for work, Aurora crawls after him towards the door, and usually grins from ear to ear, making it extra difficult for papa to leave. It’s lovely to watch, and I’m glad Aurora has such a stand up guy as a father.



Mi Amor

“The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother.”

Father’s Day passed and I didn’t do any sort of post recognizing Alex and all he does for our little family. I searched through quotes to find one that best described how I am feeling right now, and I felt the one above stuck out. Alex is a fantastic father because he does love me. He loves me despite my flaws and imperfections. He loves me unconditionally, he loves me publicly. He compliments me (and often)… alone and in front of Aurora. I know that she will expect a respectful companion when she is older because of him. And that makes my heart happy.

He respects women and mothers, and knows how vital motherhood is. He works to keep me at home because he knows it makes me happy. He does it without resentment or grudges – even though it means we will be poor for a while.

There were a lot of things that drew me to Alex. When we started dating, I remember he told me that whomever he marries, he will dedicate his life to treating her well. He has gone above and beyond even my expectations. He treats me like a queen, yet he also brings me back down to reality to push me and encourage me to improve. We are compatible in every way. I truly – from the bottom of my heart – love that man.


A photograph of why I’m blessed today.

After bath time – Alex took baby girl into her room to read a book. I could hear him from the other room and had to go in and take a picture. I love their little relationship, she worships her papa.

L – O – V – E

Since it’s V-Day – thought I’d give a shout out to my own Valentine, Alex D!

14 simple reasons I think he’s pretty cool…

1. I love our height difference. He’s so much taller than me, almost a foot. I fit pretty perfectly in a hug, with my head hitting the middle of his chest. Me likey.

2. I love his facial hair. Just recently, he grew it out to what it was on our wedding day (pretty long) and I loved it. Too bad when it gets that long it gets on his nerves… but whatever length, it’s a great beard.

3. He’s a clean freak. How could you not love that?

4. If I’m feeling extra cheesy and watch a terrible chick-flick, he’ll watch it all. And pay attention!

5. He loves food almost as much as I do. This is a good thing – and at the same time, a bad thing.

6. He likes to hang out with his baby girl.

7. He likes mushroom pizza. And he’s okay if it only has mushrooms on it (a Russell tradition). It’s my favorite way to eat a pizza, and if I’m in a large group – I usually get overruled. Only mushrooms? Insane!

8. I like the fact that he’s balding – and he owns it. He doesn’t wallow in self pity, but looks at the bright side… such as – no need to pay for haircuts! We love saving money in this house. (Though we have his father and his father’s father and probably many more father’s fathers to thank for this. Can’t take too much credit.) Besides, a shaved head and a beard makes him look pretty intense. Best not mess with that!

9. He has very…. strong opinions about things. Strong opinions that occasionally turn into rants. Alex has the best rants. Seriously. Hard to get a word in sometimes, which just ends up making me smile. If I have one wish, I hope that our future children are never on the receiving end of a negative rant due to their behavior. I’m sure it’s inevitable though. Yikes!

10. He’s an early bird. When I wake up to feed the babe at 4:30 AM, usually as I groggily prepare a bottle, he’s right behind me in a matter of seconds. Usually it startles me because A. it’s 4:30 in the morning and B. he’s so quiet. But regardless, he gives me company so I don’t pass out while feeding the youngster. Passing out usually involves bottle exiting mouth while the baby exudes displeasure. Not good.

11. He buys me flowers on occasion. I like flowers. Cliche, but I don’t care. I like them.

12. He has become an OKC Thunder fan!

13. He lets me stay home with the babe even though it means we are poor folk now.

14. It turns out – he and I make some pretty good looking offspring. So therefore, I guess I’ll keep him around or something.

Love you Big Al!