Ladies Lunch Date

My mother, Shelbee and I went to the city sans babies to have some girl time. We ended up meeting up with Heather at an adorable tea room called Inspirations. They had delish scones and salad and soup and everything else. It was so nice having spending some time as normal human beings and not having to wrangle little ones. I am so blessed to have these fine women in my life! It’s something that needs to happen more often…. which means Evan and Shelbee need to move here, stat.


Doin’ the Walk

We went to the annual OSU Walk-around, and had a pretty great time! It was perfect weather. We didn’t stay too long because honestly – how much fun does an almost one year old have at those things? She was interested in people for a while, and then lost interest and just wanted some peace and quiet. So we sat in the grass on campus for about half an hour, close enough to feel apart of the festivities, yet far enough away to be quiet and relaxing. We always look for things to take Aurora to, thinking it will be this monumental moment for her… but most of the time she shrugs it off and doesn’t really care either way. Oh well, one day she’ll appreciate it. There is this list of things in my mind that I think, “Oh man, I can’t wait for Aurora to experience THIS for the first time, she’s going to LOVE it!” And then it happens and her reaction isn’t as huge as I expected it to be. But even knowing that, I still think that her first Thanksgiving meal will be awesome. It just will be.


Nature Walk

A couple Sundays ago, we decided to take a walk as a family through campus and ending up at Theta Pond. It was a beautiful day, and I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to get out of the house more. We love anything nature related in this house – and Aurora really enjoys being outside. I am in love with the weather lately.

Oh, and I can’t believe next month Aurora will be one. What?

Fun at the Fair

We were able to go visit Evan, Shelbee and little Rylee this weekend in Texas. It was a blast and we were sad that it was so short! We went to the Texas State Fair and though we didn’t get to ride any rides (all I wanted was the Ferris Wheel…), we ate a LOT and let’s be honest, why else do you go to the fair? We decided that we would throw caution to the wind diet wise this weekend, and I think it’s safe to say we succeeded. Now I am ready to get back to normal eating habits again. ;) Aurora did exceptionally well considering it was right in the middle of her first nap. Evan and Shelbee were awesome hosts and we will definitely be planning a trip again soon.


We had this image of what browsing cute antique shops would be like today in Guthrie. We drove there – and the second we stepped outside everything changed. Why, Oklahoma?! Why must you be SO hot!? 112 degrees. Really? So we ended up just going to eat at this fried on fried on BBQ place called Stables. Then we went home. How sad is that? We are going to go back in the fall when it’s actually somewhat enjoyable. There were about 100 different little antique shops and we really didn’t get to go to one. Depressing, I tell you.


Alex always gets a big smile. It’s not fair. In my defense, she was pretty excited about eating the necklace I was wearing… sooo she wasn’t all that interested in taking pictures. But look at those teeth! Ahh!

Better luck next time.