Spring is in the Air

Alex has had this week off from school and work and it has been lovely. It feels like he is never home so to have him all to ourselves for an entire week is heavenly. Unfortunately I haven’t taken many pictures… it felt like there weren’t any great opportunities (or rather, I didn’t make any great opportunities) but it’s been an awesome week none-the-less. It has been jam-packed full of family naps, going to the mall, eating sushi, walking around down-town, Hobby Lobby, family naps, Frasier, long walks with the babe in the stroller, and family naps. I have been trying to be more vigilant with my photo taking, and I almost always get the camera in the diaper bag before we go anywhere – but I never seem to remember to get it out. I really need to get better at that.

Today we went to eat at Sweet Home Chicago – which is one of our favorite pizza places here. I managed to get a picture of our pizza? Better than nothing..

We browsed a few stores and walked around a ton afterwards, and then went to Best Buy and walked around some more. We learned a valuable lesson though: outings with the babe must be short. As we speak she is almost refusing to nap because she had fallen asleep and then had been woken up so many times while we were out and about that she is over it. I am exhausted, and I know she is too… but she is fighting it. It is these moments, when she cries and I pick her up, cries when I put her down, cries when she goes in the swing, and the process repeats that I struggle. I become mentally exhausted and feel like I just can’t do it. I know we are going to have to adjust our schedule so that she isn’t out for long periods of time. We are still learning this parent business, after all. But I also know that in a couple of minutes, she will be asleep or she will laugh and all the troubles from the day will melt away. That is the joy in parenthood. You have days where you want to hide under a rock, but one little action from your little one can make it all better – as if it never happened. Talk about roller-coasters of emotions. I want so badly to go to the gym right now… but I’m not sure my legs will take me there. Exhausted.

I have LOVED putting Aurora is spring/summer attire though. She has all of these cute little clothes and sundresses hanging up and I’m so excited to put her in all of them. I’m ready for this weather to be permanent!

*She won the battle. At this moment, Papa is holding her and she is laughing like crazy. Looks like her bath will come extra early this evening because I have a feeling she will be out like a light by 8:30. Oh that little stubborn lady…