Well, there has been much excitement over the past few months as we’ve been making the decision whether to move to Oklahoma or not. Honestly, this has been a conversation since we married – always an option in the back of our minds. However, it hasn’t felt right until now. I think a lot of it has to do with Aurora, because if we move – it would make it a HECK of a lot easier to stay at home with her. Also living expenses are less and it would make our lives much easier financially. After much prayer and consideration – it felt like the right thing to do and now we will be living there in six months. SIX MONTHS. Ah! As I am excited to move back home, I am a bit nervous and a bit sad. Utah has become my second home these past 5 years (has it really been that long?) and I have made many memories, family and friends here. Alex’s large loving immediate and extended family has become my own since I’ve been away from home and they will continue to play that part in our lives. I love every stinkin’ one of them. But most of all, I met my husband here. We have memories and special places that it will be sad to leave. Our first apartment, our favorite bed and breakfast, our first date, first kiss… everything is here. I am excited, however, to have this new experience with him and our little baby girl. It is good to incorporate change in your lives – even though it can feel difficult.

Obviously my mind has been in another place because I locked my poor daughter in the car with the keys inside on Saturday. I was picking Alex up from work, and while he was closing up – I put Aurora in the car, threw the keys on the front seat and shut the door. As I went to open the drivers side door, it was locked and I went into panic mode. Alex came out and I was in tears. To make matters worse, Aurora had started crying and all I could do was look through the window absolutely horrified. We called locksmiths first (why we didn’t call 911 first, I don’t know) and the ones that answered said they could be here in an hour and a half. And yes, that was after they were told there was a baby in the car. Really? My friend Teralee – who was working with Alex that day – stayed with us and tried to call locksmiths as well as calm a psycho blubbering mother down. We finally called 911 and the fire department saved the day. They were really sweet about the whole ordeal, even though I was mortified. Aurora at this point had fallen asleep and all was well. When we got home I took a long nap because the whole situation exhausted me. NEVER AGAIN.

This year will be an interesting one indeed, but one we are excited for. New opportunities await and we are thrilled.