dear me

dear child rachel,

one day you will be an adult. you will have a child, and you will be married to the most wonderful man, ever.

don’t worry about all the times that your heart will be broken, because once you meet alex – your life will all seem to make sense. every boy that you dated up until now have only prepared you to be alex’s wife. just wait for him, and it will be worth it. there will be times when you feel your heart breaking, and you’re not sure you could ever love again. you will, and it will be better than you ever thought possible. alex is your one and only. be patient.

some people will say that you’re rushing into marriage, and that 20 is far too young to make that kind-of committment. ignore them. getting married young doesn’t mean you’re giving up anything. in fact, you’re gaining more than you can ever imagine.

don’t worry about the mistakes you made, or the people you’ve hurt. make ammends, and move forward. you aren’t perfect, and it will only make you a better person. if they won’t forgive you, forgive yourself. try to continue forward the best you can – only better. always seek to improve yourself. you will look back and ache at some of the childish things you have done or said. try not to be so hard on yourself. it will only make you realize the kind-of person you really want to be.

people will try to discourage you from being religious. at times, it will seem hard to bear. keep praying. the world will try to tell you that believing in something means you are ignorant. it isn’t true. your faith will bring you more happiness and joy than you’ll ever know. and that’s okay.

some people will say that being a stay at home mother means you aren’t successful. there couldn’t be anything farther from the truth. being a mother is a honor, and a priviledge, and raising your children is the most important thing you’ll ever do. cherish it, and try to embrace motherhood with all you have.

remember to value the beliefs of those around you. there is always something to be learned from other people’s experiences. respect everyone for what they believe, even if it isn’t what you believe. we are all here for eachother.

you will lose your father at a young age. don’t worry, you will get through it. it will make you stronger. it will feel like the world is shattering around you, but you will come out on top. it will be a turning point in your life. you will be able to comfort those who have also lost a parent. trials are there for not only our benefit, but others as well.

there will come other trials in your life that you’ll ask God, “why?” but soon you’ll know why, and it will bring you comfort. never forget to pray to Him when you need comfort. He is and always will be there.

there will be a few times in your life where you will have to completely start over. one of those times will be in high school. you will feel all alone in a new school. don’t worry. you will make friends – some of them life-long. it’s okay to sometimes eat alone at lunch. you somehow will survive, and be better for it.

you will also have a terrible hair-cut in 8th grade. and you will survive that too. somehow….

don’t ever stop feeling sympathy for others. i know it will be hard to see those you love go through trials, but over-sympathizing is better than feeling nothing at all. you may feel like you are taking it harder than they are. that’s okay. just remember to always express your love for them.

one day you will have a daughter. she will be the light of your life. you will be insecure about your abilities as a mother. ignore them. you will get better. just have faith in yourself, and remember that God allowed you to have this beautiful child, and He knows that you can do it.

and remember to thank Him for all the blessings you have. you have been blessed with a wonderful family, and you will start your own wonderful family. remember to love everyone you meet, and try to be optimistic…

….because in the world today, we need more optimistic people.


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